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Dream Acres offers a very extensive lease and sale program. We have many top-quality show horses & ponies available (including FEI horses), as well as safe and quiet beginner horses for lease. Horses are available for out of barn lease or sale. For more information please contact Angie or call or text 207-391-3208.

* Maximum 7 day trials are available for a fee (the fee is a min of 20% of the lease cost) . The trial fee comes off the lease if the horse is kept for 12 months. A 2nd check must be left for the remaining 12 mo lease fee. This check will be held and returned if the horse is returned.  If the horse is returned trial fee is not refunded or credited. * 

Last Updated: December 5, 2023

Available Horses & Ponies

Bebe -2013 QH mare, 14.2h. Sweetest mare in the barn. Has a great small trot and canter to learn on. Loves to jump. No stop or hesitation ever.  Can teach riders to jump. She could benefit from the use of a standing martingale and accepts one happily.  Green change right to left but it’s almost there. Left to right change is solid. Sale or Lease.  Prefer lease. 

Flat Video.   Flat Video.   O/F Video.   Ground Video. 

Call or text 207-391-3208 or Email


Beam Me Up Scotty, 2000 Welsh X Gelding, Medium – Available November 4, 2023

Scotty has done it all. He has a HJ resume  that includes top ribbons from all the big A shows. His resume also includes top ribbons in Dressage. He has been shown successfully through Training Level. He has the temperament of a saint. He is the PERFECT first pony for any kid. You will not find a safer pony. Talented and beautiful mover. Sound and healthy. Great manners. 

video Flat:

Video Flat:

Video 3:

Video 4:

Smokin Dude 2007 AQHA medium gelding.

Tons of show miles, been there done that pony. Has also done lessons. Kick ride on the flat, not as much of a kick ride o/f but not one that will take off with your kid. A super great pony that is safe and experienced.
Inquire FMI – 207-391-3208 or Email

WT Lesson.       WT Lesson 

Monticello – 2009 Imported RSPI gelding, 16.1h. Earlier in his life he was a solid 3rd level dressage horse. Over the last handful of years he was successful in the HJ ring. Currently suited to cross rails to 2’6” and of course dressage. Beautiful gelding with the kindest heart.

Call or text 207-391-3208 or Email

Video 1       Video 2.    Video 3.      Video 4.    Video 5.   Video 6.  

Video 7      Video 8.    VIdeo 9.   Video 10    Course Video 

Grey Goose – 2016 QH gelding, 15h. Quiet kick ride type. Super cute over fences. Great for SS or Long Stirrup. He’d be a great lesson horse, first horse or smaller Hj stuff. So so cute over fences!!


Course.            Trot.         

Trot.             Canter.          Trot.        

Cross Rail.         Hacking.        Walk Trot.   

Canter.          Canter.   

Video     Video 

Call or text 207-391-3208 or Email


Endeavor – 2009 KWPN gelding, 17.1h.

Schoolmaster galore in this one. Did a bunch of big stuff/the big shows but most recently has been a school horse. Best suited for flat and x-rails/small verticals. This guy is big. He is solid. And he is incredible! Call or text 207-391-3208 or Email

Course 1.      Course 2 

Video 1    Video 2.   Video 3.   Video 4.  

Vidoe 5     Video 6.   VIdeo 7.    Video o/f



Horses & Ponies On Lease

Our horses are frequently reserved before their current leases expire. Please send an email for information on any of the below horses. Dates vary, read descriptions for available date.

Find A Penny “Widget” – 2008 13.1h WelshX Mare
Available May 1, 2024

Widget is cute as can be and as fancy as they get! She loves the show ring and has loads of experience winning on the HJ circuit. She has her changes and loves to jump!

Although she is a solid show pony she has also been used to teach beginner riders in a couple different lesson programs. She is just such a well rounded, fun pony.  Beginner safe and will do the up / down and learn to canter and jump. 

Inquire FMI – 207-391-3208 or Email
Video 1     Video 2     Video 3     Video 4     Video 5

Video 6 (course)    Video 7 Lesson 

Lion – 2012 Unraced TB gelding, 16.2. Available May 1, 2023

Lion is the sweetest horse ever. Unraced, bred specifically to event. He is very talented and there were high hopes of him being quite a show horse (Aimed at the 3 star level). But the reality is he loves the easier, less pressure, less stressful type of work. He thrives with easy and quiet. He prefers to do low level dressage.  He is ready to be a great school horse/ first horse!



Elijah – 2009 KWPN Gelding, 16.2h. 

A big sweetheart! Loves kids and teens. Solid dressage through 2nd level. Clean and easy flying change. Schoolmaster o/f. Has done tons of HJ. Excellent manners. A great horse for a kid or teen to enjoy! Super easy and safe. Lesson horse safe. Also AA friendly!  Email FMI

Video 1   

Kitty – 2009 AQHA Mare, 14.3 For Lease
Available August  19,  2024

Kitty has made a name for herself! She has won at Congress. She has successfully competed through the 3’6″ jumpers with ease. But she also can come down to cross rails quietly with beginner riders. She is an easy horse to be around. Great manners. SUPER sweet and kind. She is honest and safe. She is one of the sweetest horses I’ve ever met. She is great on trials, loves to be groomed, and has excellent manners. She is a wonderful all-around horse despite her talent as a jumper. Clean easy changes.  Email FMI


 Video Jump 3’6″.     Video Canter.  Video Canter 2    Video Cross Rail.   

Video Trot.    Video Crossrail.  


Lucas – 2011 SWB gelding 17h. For Lease 
Available July 19, 2024

Solid safe schoolmaster. AA/JR friendly. Best personality in the world. So sweet and kind. Schools all psg movements but not psg show ready. Needs more strength and schooling. Super easy tempis through 2s. Great for someone who wants to learn movements. Current rider earned her bronze on him and competed in her first psg on him. This one is super special to us. Email FMI  

Binx, 2008 New Forest Pony, 14.2
Available June 17,2024

Binx is the most incredible pony! He is a solid 3rd level dressage. Has show experience. Perfect pony for the FEI ponies. Easy and uncomplicated. He is a rockstar. Steady and safe. He knows his job and he does it. He loves attention. Has wonderful barn manners. And he is quite fancy! Perfect teacher for JR or small AA. Email FMI

Trot Work.    Canter Work.     Over Fences

Video flying Changes.         Video Jump 

Sparkles & Spots –  2007 POA gelding. 13h.
Available April 19, 2024

He is a great first pony! Low level Dressage, HJ, has his changes. Rank beginner safe and the cutest little guy you’ll see!! Any kiddo would look adorable on him and get noticed in the ring! Perfect first pony. Has done lessons and camps. Excellent barn manners and super easy keeper. Lease or sale. 6, 12, or 18 month lease terms. Inquire for more info. Call or text 207-391-3208 or Email

Video Show.   

Video Show 1.         Video Show 2. 

Video 1.    Video 2.   Video 3.  

Cross Rail    

CrossRail Canter


Bindi- 2004 medium pony mare .
Available May 14, 2024

She is adorable! She is a solid and safe citizen that knows her job and does it. She is all business and the very best teacher anyone could ask for. Kids LOVE her! She keeps her riders safe and teaches them everything they need to know to be successful. Tons of show experience. Jumps anything! No prep. Just the easiest, most solid, safest pony you could put your kid on! Happy to do lessons or one kid. Cute as can be. 

Video O/F.  

Teaching a lesson.        Teaching a lesson 

Fiesta – 2013 Hanoverian Gelding, 16.2h. Available May 22, 2024

Fiesta is a super talented guy. Big-bodied and gorgeous. Naturally built for Dressage. Big, smooth forward movement. 1st level training. Does really well on the flat (HJ) as well. Tolerant of multiple riders. Currently working in our school program. Email FMI

2004 Dutch Gelding, 16.2.
Available May 17, 2024

Z is a been there done that kind of guy. A lifetime of experience at the big shows, top ribbons, and fabulous training. he has tons of talent and is ready to teach his next rider. He is solid and safe. Beautiful movement. Uncomplicated and easy to have in the barn. Formal video coming soon. Available 3-18-2021.       Video O/F     Video Flat.    Video Flat 2.    

Video Flat 3

Video 1      Video 2     Video 3 with a Kiddo

Video 4 with a kiddo        Video 5 with a kiddo   

Dreamer – 2010 Dutch WB gelding, 16.2
Available June 14, 2025
Quiet as can be. This guy is a total babysitter. He is so easy to ride. Comfortable and quiet gaits. Perfect manners. Easy and soft and uncomplicated. School horse or a perfect first horse. Quiet and easy at shows, off property, hacks, and in lessons. We just love this guy!
Video 1.        Video 2.       Video 3.      Video 4.    VIdeo 5    
Video 6.         Video 7.   

Daphne is a 2002 Paint Mare, 14.1h
Available September 29, 2023

She is the BEST beginner horse there is. Smooth gaits, soft to the aids, and great manners. We are so lucky to have this one! She also does some low-level Dressage. She happily trail rides. She has great manners and is just a wonderful all-around horse. She is available for lease with a lease fee. Email or 207-391-3208. Video


Roman Holiday 2012 TB Gelding, 16.1h
Available Jan 3, 2024

He is a very and safe schoolmaster that has shown very successfully in top divisions at many “A” shows. He has great manners, easy to ride, just a one in a million. You don’t want to pass this one up. Better pictures soon! Email FMI 207-391-3208 location southern Maine 04046. Leased to Kim Johansen at Livery Farm Horse Center in VT. 

Lease or Sale

Video :

Video 2:

Video of Roman babysitting a kid that doesn’t jump : 

Royal Debut 2007 Oldenburg
Available June 16, 2024

3rd level mare. Shown through 2nd with scores 68%(was 2nd level HOY in NC). Summer 2021 had a month of daily lessons with Lendon Gray ridden by a JR rider Level headed and uncomplicated. Sweet and kind. Everything the judges look for. Babysitter, schoolmaster type. No spook. Great manners. Gorgeous. 

Video :

Liz Austin Clinic Ride :

Video under Lendon Gray instruction:

Video under Lendon Gray Instruction:



Video :

Video with AA:

Video with AA’s first ride on her



Video with kid:–o







Horses on Lifetime Lease

When our horses get older and are ready for one person homes we offer them for lifetime lease. These are horses that have been in our program anywhere from 5-20+ years. We want to make sure they have the safe and secure future they deserve and be spoiled and cherished for the gems they are. By lifelong leasing them we ensure they can always come back to us at any time if they can’t stay where they are.

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