Personal Training for Equestrians

Angie Morin, Mt Katahdin

Angie Morin, ACE-CPT, ACE-CHC, PN1

Angie Morin, ACE-CHC is an ACE Certified Health & Wellness Coach, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach. She has been a professional sports coach since 1995 and was a professional equestrian athlete herself for over 10 years. Angie has earned her USDF Silver medal and was sponsored by the national company, Pennfield, when riding professionally. She currently owns and operated DA Dressage @ Dream Acres Equestrian Center.

Angie also holds a Bachelors Degree in Social Media Marketing. Years of training as an athlete strengthened her both mentally and physically. Born with a natural ability to educate and coach, Angie is trusted for her experience and her gift to inspire and bring out the best in others.

With her experience as a successful FEI rider, and her education and passion for fitness, she is the perfect fit for equestrians looking for a personal trainer, a nutritionist or a health coach. She knows what riders need to improve balance and posture. And, build the correct muscling that will help in saddle performance and not hinder it.

Equestrians are a unique group of athletes that require a very unique program. Many traditional exercises can tighten hip flexors which will cause tightness in the saddle. In addition, it is important to work opposing muscles that aren’t worked when in the saddle. With a backgrounders in riding, Angie knows exactly what riders need and she delivers it with enthusiasm, encouragement and programming that produces results!

Angie has been the fitness trainer for the the intensive training Dressage 4 Kids programs in Maine. And an advisor for the program in Florida. Here is what Lendon Gray, program founder and Olympic rider has to say about Angie’s programs:

“Angie ran a two-month fitness program for my group of young dressage riders aged 11 – 19. Having been doing this for ten years I can easily say this was by far the best program we have ever had – challenging, a lot of variety, and fun. Whenever I asked how the day’s session went the response was always, “It was great!” and usually “and I am so tired”.  It’s not easy to motivate teenagers to truly work on their fitness at the end of a long day, but Angie did it.” – Lendon Gray, Olympic Meddalist and founder of Dressage 4 Kids

For more testimonials (from riders), more information on Angie, and programming please visit the Health & Wellness site.

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