Animal Communication

Angie Morin, Animal Communicator

Angie Morin has been intuitively communicating with animals since she was a child.  Her connection with animals has always been apparent to those around her. From the time Angie was a child, animals have been drawn to her and she has had a unique way of communicating and connecting them. As a child, she wasn’t sure how, but animals labeled as “difficult” or “shy” or “scared” always responded positively to her.

This became even more apparent once Angie started riding horses at age 8. Horses that were “hard to ride” were different with Angie. They were cooperative and calm. She has spent thirty-plus years training difficult horses easily and quietly by intuitively using her communication skills. 

Angie has deeply connected with animals through her heart energy for as long as she can remember. Dogs, Cats, Horses, Rodents, Birds, and even a Grey Squirrel have found their way into Angie’s home and family. Her ability to connect and communicate with animals helped Angie rehab and befriend a grey squirrel who lived with Angie for 5 years. 

More recently, Angie embarked on a spiritual journey to further develop this gift. Angie continues to use meditation, practice, and mentorship to further develop and strengthen this gift and her connection with animals.

Sessions are available for all species of animals, living or crossed over. Common session topics:

  • Behavioral or nuisance Issues
  • Learn about your horse’s past
  • Medical Ailments, Issues, Causes, and Treatment Programs
  • Lost Pets
  • Connecting with Pets that Have Crossed Over
  • Improving an Animal’s Happiness
  • Learning what an Animal Wants/Needs
  • Personality Changes

Sessions are offered in-person or remotely (through phone or email). To schedule please call or text 207-849-0096 or email

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