Angie is known for her ability to find, train and maintain exceptional horses and ponies. She has a natural eye for them. She also has an outstanding ability to match riders successfully with the right mount ensuring a safe and successful partnership where a rider can grow and develop.

So many parents and riders have expressed their satisfaction with DA Dressage horses & Angie over the years, but recently these testimonials have been saved and will be posted. If you have leased a horse or pony in the past (or now) and want to contribute to this please send an email.

Another happy match!! Here is Daphne in her new home with Roxanne’s granddaughter. Here’s what Roxanne sent after getting Daphne home .” Hello Angie, just wanted to thank you so much for the best horse I ever had! Her ground manners and temperament are perfect! I couldn’t have asked for a better pony/horse! You sure know how to pick them!!!” This makes me so happy! I truly love matching horses and riders.