Sales & Leasing

Dream Acres offers a very extensive lease and sale program. We have many top quality show horses & ponies available (including FEI horses) as well as safe and quiet beginner horses for lease. Our horses are all safe and sound and quiet and compete in both hunter/jumper and Dressage.  They are experienced and proven and always barn favorites. They do not have any vices or bad manners. Horses are available for in or out of barn lease or sale (as listed below). For more information on any of the below horses please contact Angie or call or text 207-391-3208.

* Maximum 7 day trials are available for a fee. Trial fee comes off the lease. If horse is returned trial fee is not refunded or credited. *

Last Updated: February 13,  2020

Available Horses & Ponies

Zealoth, 2003 Dutch Gelding, 16.2h LEASE OR SALE
Z is a been there done that kind of guy. Lifetime of experience at the big shows, top ribbons and fabulous training. he has tons of talent and is ready to teach his next rider. He is solid and safe. Beautiful movement. Uncomplicated and easy to have in the barn. Formal video coming soon.

Video 1      Video 2     Video 3 with a Kiddo

Video 4 with a kiddo        Video 5 with a kiddo 

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Da Vinci – GRP gelding, 14.2h.  LEASE ONLY
Vinnie has been the best teacher for his little rider. He is solidly trained through 4th level. He is the easiest rider and a super fabulous mover. So athletic and kind and SAFE. He can teach anything. Totally schoolmaster. If you want your kiddo to learn- this is the guy. However due to heaves he is ready for lighter work. He has been on multiple meds and an inhaler and he just can’t be ridden consistently at a higher level. He has good days and harder days. He can’t be on hay. And does better living out. This pony is a one in a million. But would love a job that he can just work when his breathing is good. And not when his heaves are acting up. Approved home only. Lease only.

If there was anything that could be done to keep control of his breathing well enough to show he’d be keeping him. He’s the kind of pony you can’t find. But, his rider is ready to move up and she shows regularly. Vinnie deserves a lighter work job. What she’s doing is asking too much of him.

Would be great as a schoolmaster for someone that doesn’t want to show.

Lease fee – please inquire

VIdeo 1.        Video 2.        Video 3

Smokie– 2001 POA Mare, 13. 1 – LEASE
Smokie is a well schooled mare that has spent years teaching kiddos! She has shown tons. Exellent manners on the ground and under saddle. She is the perfect first pony or lesson pony! Has her changes. Just a well educated mare that will happily babysit and teach your kid! Videos available by PM… will post more soon.
Call or text 207-391-3208 or email for lease information. 6, 12, or 18 month lease. Available May 15, 2020

Video O/F

Sparkyles & Spots –  2005 POA gelding. 13h.
Lease or Sale
He is a great first pony! Low level Dressage, HJ, has his changes. Rank beginner safe and the cutest little guy you’ll see!! Any kiddo would look adorable on him and get noticed in the ring! Excellent barn manners and super easy keeper. Lease or sale. 6, 12, or 18 month lease terms. Inquire for more info. Videos coming soon. Call or text 207-391-3208 or or send FB message

Tiddlywinks “Twinkle” – Lease or Sale
2001 Welsh X Mare, Medium (12.3 3/4)

She is a show pony through and through but with the temperament and patience of a lesson horse. She is eye catching, has her changes, and jumps anything with excellent form. She has shown, been used in lessons and summer camps. Perfect manners. She would make a great addition to a school program that wants a fancy but easy to ride pony, or be a great pony for a kid that wants to compete. Inquire FMI – 207-391-3208 or Email. Video.    


Abby – 2002 Morgan Mare, 15.1h
Abby is an awesome mare used for beginner lessons. She knows her job and does it well. Great manners in the barn and under saddle. Soft to the aids and steady.


Email FMI 207-391-3208
Location Littleton, MA
Lease or Sale

Skip – 2002 QH Gelding, 15.2. Lease Only

Skip – 2002 Registered AQHAGelding, 15.2h.
Skip is a super sweet guy that is very easy and quiet to ride. 
He has great barn manners and loves to interact with his riders in the barn. He is one of the favorites! He loves trails. He will jump some but is most suited to an all around type horse that does a little bit of everything. He has great manners and is a very easy keeper. Has done lessons and camps.   Inquire FMI – 207-391-3208 or Email

Available 9-1-2020

Horses & Ponies Available Soon

Our horses are frequently reserved before their current leases expire. Please send an email for information on any of the below horses. Dates vary, read descriptions for

Roman Holiday 2012 TB Gelding, 16.1h
He is a very and safe schoolmaster that has shown very successfully in top divisions at many “A” shows. He has great manners, easy to ride, just a one in a million. You don’t want to pass this one up. Better pictures soon! Email FMI 207-391-3208 location southern Maine 04046. Leased to Kim Johansen at Livery Farm Horse Center in VT. Available Jan 4, 2021

Lease or Sale

Video :

Video 2:

Video of Roman babysitting a kid that doesn’t jump : 

Beam Me Up Scotty, 2000 Welsh X Gelding, Medium – Lease Only

Scotty has done it all. He has a HJ resume  that includes top ribbons from all the big A shows. His resume also includes top ribbons in Dressage. He has been show successfully through Training Level. He has the temperament of a saint. He is the PERFECT first pony for any kid. You will not find a safer pony. Talented and beautiful mover. Sound and healthy. Great manners.  Leased to Old Salem Farm in CT – Available 6-1-20

Bindi- 2004 medium pony mare – LEASE ONLY
She is adorable! She is a solid and safe citizen that knows her job and does it. She is all business and the very best teacher anyone could ask for. Kids LOVE her! She keeps her riders safe and teaches them everything they need to know to be successful. Tons of show experience. Jumps anything! No prep. Just the easiest, most solid, safest pony you could put your kid on! Happy to do lessons or one kid. Cute as can be.

Video O/F

Find A Penny “Widget” – 2008 13.1h WelshX Mare
Lease Only

Widget is cute as can be and as fancy as they get! She loves the show ring and has loads of experience winning on the HJ circuit. She has her changes and loves to jump!

Although she is a solid show pony she has also been used to teach beginner riders in a couple different lesson programs. She is just such a well rounded, fun pony.   Inquire FMI – 207-391-3208 or Email
Video 1     Video 2     Video 3     Video 4     Video 5

Benny – 2002 QH Gelding, 15.2h

is a great all around horse. He is safe and quiet and has been used extensively in our lesson program. He goes English and Western. He will even jump a little. Trails, beach rides, camps, etc. He does it all. Great backyard recreational type of first horse type. He is available for long term lease or Sale. Videos soon. Please email for more information on Benny.

Available 4-1-2020

Drew  – 1999 16.1h warmblood gelding
Lease Only
Here is another one of our solid citizens. He is a well trained schoolmaster that knows his job and does it well. Happy to teach a rider the ropes on the flat and over fences. Plenty of experience to share. Solid, clean changes. Super cute over fences and very consistent. Total packer! Excellent manners.  Inquire FMI – 207-391-3208 or Email          Video 1

Video 2
Currently on lease available April 5, 2020

Don Kongo – 1997 Imported Rheinlander Gelding, 16.2 Lease Onlycropped-DAEC-Kongo-Pir.jpg
Kongo is a solid PSG horse. Sound and healthy. Scores in the 60’s. Has competed at Region 8 Championships in 3rd, 4th, and PSG. Needs a quiet rider. Great manners. Very nice movement. Easy laterally. Does FEI in a snaffle. Does not look his age. Kongo is looking for a lighter work lease. He has plenty to teach but doesn’t need to return to the competition arena. Inquire for the specifics of this lease. Video available, please inquire and it will be sent to you. Call/Text 207-391-3208 or  Email

Available March 31, 2021

Sport – 2004 Welsh Mare, 13.2 Lease Only

Sport is a beginner safe mare who loves teaching kids on the flat and over fences. She isn’t the fanciest thing in town but she is the sweetest and the safest. Barn manners are fabulous. Sound and healthy and ready to teach a kiddo why this sport is so great!  Used in camp, lessons, shows. Goes on trail rides, beach, etc. She does it all. Great all around 1st pony. Available March, 31, 2020.

Inquire FMI – 207-391-3208 or Email

Eye Candy –  2000 Holstiener mare, 16.2h.   Lease Only

She is a nice low level dressage horse for our riders with some experience. She is also an experienced hunter. She has beautiful easy changes, beautiful movement, and a super ridable temperament. She is cal, quiet, and safe. The perfect schoolmaster.

Inquire FMI – 207-391-3208 or Email

Available March 31, 2020

Indigo 2000 Oldenburg Gelding, 16.2h. Lease Only

Indy is an awesome low level dressage horse. Safe for advanced beginner riders. Super Sweet, very ridable, comfortable gaits. Easy laterally, easy to ride, very soft. Click for Video 

Currently on lease with Catherine Sullivan of Maine Available May 1, 2020

Avatar – 1999 Warmblood Cross Gelding, 16.2h. Lease Only

Successfully Shown up through 1st level Dressage and HJ. Recently took top ribbons at Norfolk Hunt. Has a clean change both ways. Very easy to ride, quiet, safe and relaxed way of going. Anyone can ride this horse and win. No prep. Always comes home with top ribbons. Always. Judges LOVE him. Very nice mover. Jump and Flat Videos Below. Video 1  Video 2
Currently on lease with Johnson & Wales University – Available August 7, 2020

Coco Chanel
– 2000 Imported Mecklenburg Mare, 15.2h Lease Only

Coco is always in the top ribbons (usually blue – but always top 3) in the Dressage ring or the HJ arena. Clean change both ways. Beg Safe. Really nice mover. The judges love her. Very steady and quiet. Loves to jump and looks great doing it. Also has had extensive Dressage training and lots of showing. Loves being a show horse!
Available August 7, 2020

Video 1   Video 2


Cricket – 2000 Welsh X Gelding, 11.2. Lease Only

You will not find a safer pony for your child. Beginner safe and cute as a button! Cricket is used for WTC and jumping. Steady and reliable. Easy to work around and perfect manners. He is definitely a barn favorite! Super cute over fences. Loves kids! Has done camp, rank beginner lessons, and has shown.  Video 1

Currently on lease in MA – Available April 30, 2020  

Glen is a 2004 Hann GeldingGlen, 16h.
Lease or Sale

Excellent Dressage horse. Jumps. Changes. Easy and soft to ride. Completly beginner safe. Stretches out to the bit beautifully. Quality show horse with the temperment to teach anyone. Easy to work around in the barn.

Currently on lease to Carpe Diem Stables in Colorado. Available Oct 1, 2020

Video 1   Video 2  Video 3

Horses on Lifetime Lease

When our horses get older and are ready for one person homes we offer them for lifetime lease. These are horses that have been in our program anywhere from 5-20+ years. We want to make sure they have the safe and secure future they deserve and be spoiled and cherished for the gems they are. By lifelong leasing them we ensure they can always come back to us at any time if they can’t stay where they are.